Montag - Sonntag 10-19 Uhr Bösendorferstraße 2-4 / 1010 Wien
Tel & WhatsApp +43 681 20557732 

Vienna's first 3D TrickArt Attraction - the ORIGINAL

Be part of the show - the crazy Pic-Fun in the heart of Vienna

A world of illusions! Suddenly you face a dangerous dinosaur, flying through the air on a unicorn, riding the monster wave as a Big Wave Surfer or "finishing your business" next to a superhero. 

Show what you're made of - there are no limits to your creativity 
Bring the model, the actor, the director and the photographer inside you to life
The more dramatic and crazy the idea, the more ingenious the result

  • The stage is yours -  for Adventurers, Madmen, Princesses, Comedians, Lunatics and everyone else! 
  • Come with your friends - one pic for you - one for the crowd - take turns! 
  • Family day - completely different - you haven't experienced anything like this before!
  •  Not in your wildest dreams ... when the pic comes to life and you are in the middle of different characters!
  • 40 scenes - which couldn't be more different - put yourself in the limelight!
  • The stage is yours for about 90 minutes  - your personal Red Carpet!


From superhero to superhero
or what boys dream about 

Just do not get dizzy - 
Family day at 65 meters altitude

Sometimes I wish I were an Angel 

Pack your swimming trunks - the pool is set

Dry training on the Big Wave 

Wedding - create something unique